Cross-Sector Partnerships

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System Component 1: Cross-Sector Partnerships

Creating sustained collaboration among multiple stakeholders who work together to build a local pathways system.


Action Steps for Cross-Sector Partnerships – This short document by NC3T provides a list of sample action steps for developing various aspects of Cross-Sector Partnerships. 

Positive Evidence for Integrated Pathways Systems – This document from NC3T provides a summary of key evidence demonstrating the positive impact of an integrated pathways System.

Pathways System Metrics This short document lists a series of metrics that can be used to measure the progress of a pathways system.

Pathways System Cost Centers – This document from NC3T describes the various activities and strategies that may impact spending for members of a Pathways Partnership. 

Creating Career Pathways in Colorado : A Step-by-Step Guide – This publication, created by the Colorado Workforce Development Council, describes action steps for creating pathway programs aimed at adult learners.

Collective Impact Journal Article – This article from the Stanford Social Innovation Review provides important insights into the role of the intermediary/backbone organization in bringing organizations together to work on shared social and workforce challenges. 

College, Career, Life Readiness Document (NC3T)


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