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System Component 6: Employer & Community Engagement

Helping learners experience the workplace and build positive relationships with employer mentors.

Action Steps for Employer & Community Engagement – This short document by NC3T provides a list of sample action steps for developing effective employer and community engagement. [Under development]

Positive Evidence for Employer & Community Engagement – This document from NC3T provides a summary of key evidence demonstrating the positive impact of employer & community engagement.  

How to Recruit Employer Partners This excerpt from NC3T Employer Engagement Toolkit provides excellent guidance about how to reach out and recruit employer partners.  

Indiana Work-and-Learn Guide This guide, produced by the Indiana Career Council, explains how to get started with work-and-learn strategies. 

The 5 key strategies for employer engagement NOTE:  This document explains the 5 key strategies and multiple sub-strategies that you can use to engage employers in practical ways.  

Sign-up form for employers – NOTE:  This  WORD document can be adapted and used as a recruitment form for employer and community-based volunteers. 

WBL Self-Assessment Guide NOTE:  NC3T offers a  self-assessment planning guide available through ACTE.  Workbased Learning Tookit through its website.  

Building Advisory Boards That Matter NOTE: This short, easy to follow book by Brett Pawlowski and Hans Meeder, explains the essential activities to managing and effective advisory board of any size or scope.   Available through ACTE bookstore.  

Promising Practices for Work-based Learning for Youth A National Skills Coalition publication.  

Pathways Early Action Steps (NC3T)

EET cover snip         Advisory Board Book

Building Advisory Boards That Work for You (An NC3T Webinar)

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