Pathway Programs

System Component 4: Pathway Programs

Offering secondary and postsecondary learners a sequence of courses aligned to their interests and to workforce demands.


Action Steps for Pathway Programs  This short document by NC3T provides a list of sample action steps for developing the 12 components of a Pathway Program and the timeline for program development. 

Positive Evidence for Career Technical Education This document from NC3T provides a summary of key evidence demonstrating the positive impact of Career & Technical Education, a core component of most Pathway Programs.  

Positive Evidence for Structured Programs  This document from NC3T provides a summary of key evidence demonstrating the positive impact of Structured Programs, including early college and guided pathways.

Pathway Program Options – This four-page document from NC3T shows how a typical high school might organize its current course offerings into a collection of Pathways Programs and academies. [under development]

Career Technical Student Organizations This short document from NC3T provides information about each of the national student organizations relating to various fields of career technical education.  

Definition of CTE and Pathways-Related Terms This document in PDF form was created by NC3T to define key terms related to pathways.

  • 12 components of a pathways program
  • Timeline for development

Indiana College and Career Pathways, Indiana Department of Education The Indiana College and Career Pathways provide an aligned sequence of secondary and postsecondary courses leading to an industry-recognized credential, technical certification, or an associate or baccalaureate degree at an accredited postsecondary institution for careers that are high wage and/or high demand in Indiana. 

Early College High Schools, Indiana Early College is an education strategy to create seamless programs of study between high school and postsecondary education, leading to an accelerated associates degree.  CELL offers an endorsement process to validate the quality of early college programs.  To learn more about the programs that are currently endorsed across Indiana, click here.  

  • Polytechnic Early College.

CTE Program Profiles, 2016 Advance CTE has prepared program profiles for 2016 that include: agriculture, architectural design, business education, early childhood education, finance, emergency medical technician, culinary arts and restaurant management, computer maintenance and IT certification, legal studies, precision machining and mechanical drawing, and manufacturing technology.  To view the profiles from 2016, click here. 

CTE Program Profiles, 2015  Advance CTE has prepared program profiles for 2015 that include: agriculture, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Business and Finance, Emergency Medical Services, Culinary Arts, Early Childhood, Welding Technology, Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography, Transportation, Distribution and Logistics. To view the profiles from 2015, click here.  

CTE Program Profiles, 2014 Advance CTE has prepared program profiles for 2014 that include: Architecture and Construction, Arts, A/V Technology and Communications, Health Science, Information Technology, Law and Public Service, Engineering, Environmental and Marine Science. To view the profiles from 2014, click here.  

Planning Guide for Career Academies This planning guide for career academies was created by the Career Academy Support Network. 

Adult Education and Middle Skills FactSheet From the National Skills Coalition.  



Pathway Program Option Examples (NC3T)

National Career Pathways Organizations (NC3T)

Career Technical Student Organizations (NC3T)

Pathways Programs of Study Planning Timeline Summary (NC3T)

Principal’s Role in Implementing Pathways

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Mountain Home HS: Teacher Interviews
Academies of Nashville: Antioch HS
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