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Career Exploration & Planning Resources

In a Pathways System, all learners experience meaningful and expansive career development. Their parents or guardians are actively engaged in the process. A well-planned career development program encourages students to identify personal aptitudes and interests, explore career options through multiple methods, and make informed postsecondary education and training decisions. In the K-12 system, these efforts begin early, intensify in the middle school years, and become even more focused during high school. Postsecondary partners utilize an aligned career development framework for their adult learners.

Some resources to help with your understanding and development:

Career Street Profile (NC3T) – Career Street is a career exploration and planning program linking businesses, nonprofits, and schools to create and share experiences for students to job shadow, intern, tour companies, benefit from class speakers, and participate in career workshops and fairs.

ManuFest Youth Manufacturing Expo Profile (NC3T) – The ManuFest Expo in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, is an annual, half-day event designed to introduce and expose high school students and their parents to the manufacturing sector, the high-demand careers within the industry, and the postsecondary institutions that offer related degree and training programs.

Career Technical Student Organizations (NC3T) – CTSOs are open to students enrolled in career technical education (CTE) programs. Through a variety of relevant activities, students participating in CTSOs develop and practice leadership skills while applying occupation and academic content knowledge. Following is a list of CTSOs with brief descriptions obtained from their websites.

Souderton Area School District Mentorship Profile (NC3T) – Souderton Area High School has developed a well-organized and highly successful career Mentorship Program driven by the needs and interests of its students.

Pathways-Aligned Career Expo at Souderton Area High School (NC3T) – In 2016-2017, Souderton Area High School  revised their annual Career Expo to align more closely with their Pathway 360° Program.

Wilson High School Profile (NC3T) – As stated in Wilson High School Academies, Pathways to the Future: In partnership with our community, parents, staff, and students, Wilson High School identified five critical areas of academia that will promote growth through  inquiry and career exploration. The five Academies are an opportunity for students to explore a wide variety of course offerings, engage in college-level research, and investigate possible career pathways in a 21st Century learning environment. Each pathway culminates during a student’s senior year with an individualized capstone course or internship and portfolio presentation.

Integrating Career Development into a Pathways System: An NC3T Webinar

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