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Cross-Sector Partnership Resources

In a Pathways System, partners from K-12 and postsecondary education, employer organizations, community volunteers, and workforce and economic developers are organized into a Pathways Partnership. The Pathways Partnership convenes a Leadership Team to provide strategic input on the direction and responsibilities of all partners involved in implementing the Pathways System. Together, they identify the key knowledge, skills, and attributes that help youth and young adults succeed in education, the workplace, and civic life. All aspects of the Pathways System reflect these shared career and life readiness goals.

Some resources to help with your understanding and development:

Pathways System Cost Centers (NC3T) – The following categories represent potential costs that schools may encounter when implementing a college and career pathways model. In all cases, anticipated costs should be accounted for in the early stages of pathways system planning.

ManuFest Youth Manufacturing Expo Profile (NC3T) – The ManuFest Expo in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, is an annual, half-day event designed to introduce and expose high school students and their parents to the manufacturing sector, the high-demand careers within the industry, and the postsecondary institutions that offer related degree and training programs.



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