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In a Pathways System, education and training partners coordinate the development of a range of Pathway Programs for youth and adult learners. A Pathway Program is a sequence of interconnected academic and elective classes revolving around a career or subject theme, integrated with experiential learning and close connections between secondary and postsecondary education, training, and/or apprenticeships. Pathway Programs are designed to address workforce needs and support the development of Career and Life Readiness knowledge and skills for each learner.

For K-12 systems, students begin to explore available Pathway Programs while in middle school or early high school and then choose a program in which to enroll. Each school offers Pathway Programs that address a variety of student interests as well as prominent career opportunities in the region and state. In systems that have regional career and technical education centers, their programs are linked to programs at the partnering high school, and when open enrollment options are offered, students may choose among multiple schools. Each Pathway Program is seamlessly connected to postsecondary education and/or a training program.

Some resources to help with your understanding and development:

Wilson High School Profile (NC3T) – As stated in Wilson High School Academies, Pathways to the Future: In partnership with our community, parents, staff, and students, Wilson High School identified five critical areas of academia that will promote growth through  inquiry and career exploration. The five Academies are an opportunity for students to explore a wide variety of course offerings, engage in college-level research, and investigate possible career pathways in a 21st Century learning environment. Each pathway culminates during a student’s senior year with an individualized capstone course or internship and portfolio presentation.

Pathway Program Option Examples (NC3T) -Information on the 9th grade academy and multiple examples of Pathway Programs of Study.

National Career Pathways Organizations (NC3T) -There are a number of organizations that provide extensive support for developing career pathways programs of study. The following descriptions were obtained by the organizations’ websites.

Career Technical Student Organizations (NC3T) – CTSOs are open to students enrolled in career technical education (CTE) programs. Through a variety of relevant activities, students participating in CTSOs develop and practice leadership skills while applying occupation and academic content knowledge. Following is a list of CTSOs with brief descriptions obtained from their websites.

Souderton Pathways PROFILE -Designed to connect today’s learning to tomorrow’s careers, the program equips students to make informed decisions about their immediate postsecondary plans and their future.

Principal’s Role in Implementing Pathways: An NC3T Webinar

Mountain Home HS: Student Interviews 
NC3T’s President, Hans Meeder, interviews some students and former students of Mountain Home High School and explores the success of their Career Academies model which has led to national program recognition. Mountain Home High is located in rural setting in Mountain Home, Arkansas. This segment of the four-part series focuses on the student perspective.
Mountain Home HS: Teacher Interviews
NC3T’s President, Hans Meeder, interviews several teachers who have been involved in Mountain Home High School’s Career Academies located in Mountain Home, Arkansas since it’s inception. This segment of the four-part series focuses on the teacher perspective.
Academies of Nashville: Antioch HS
Antioch High School students take you on a tour of their school, complete with stops at the Academies of Business and Finance, Teaching and Service, Automotive Technology and Hospitality.
Academies of Nashville: McGavock HS (Nashville, TN)
Take a tour of McGavock High School. Learn more about the Academies at McGavock and what learning looks like in Metro Nashville Public Schools.
Linked Learning Academy of Architecture & Engineering (Visalia Unified School District)
The Redwood Engineering Academy provides students with rigorous coursework in engineering and related studies. This four-year program combines high level, integrated academics, on-site laboratory experiences, workplace partnerships, study programs and college opportunity. The Redwood High School engineering curriculum is provided by Project Lead the Way (PLTW), the leading national organization for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education.
Linked Learning Academy of Bioscience & Technology (Visalia Unified School District)
At Visalia Technical Early College (VTEC) High School, students will have the opportunity to learn applied agricultural sciences and select from among one of three specialized pathways; Animal and Veterinary science, Food Science, and Ag Systems Technology.
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